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+P Beef Hardtack - with Japanese Wasabi Heat. 


Flavor: Japanese Wasabi

2,183 calories per Brick. 

16 servings per Brick.

Total Weight per Brick: Approx 1.33 Pounds


Ingredients: 100% Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Salt, Beef Tallow, Wasabi.


Price break on all 10 Brick Orders.

+P Beef Hardtack - Japanese Wasabi Heat

  • +P Beef Hardtack with Japanese Wasabi Heat. 


    2,173 calories per brick - 16 servings per brick.  +/- 1.33 lbs.


    This is the same recipe used for 6,000+ years by sailors, soldiers, explorers and adventurers to keep them alive in tough, often miserable conditions.   To this proven staple, we've added Beef Tallow for an important addition of fats to your SHTF diet, and Thai Birdseye Chilis for a bit more heat and all the benefits of the Japanese Wasabi.


    Shelf stable and extraordinary shelf-life.


    It is not a cracker.  It is not a casual snack.


    Hardtack is old-school , genuine Survival Food.


    Lightweight.  Durable.  Highly caloric.  Versatile.


    Available in several flavors and with a calorie boost in our +P variations.


    Stack Parabellum Hardtack in your preps, vehicle, Go Bags.


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