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16 servings per pound

1,600 calories per pound

100 Calories per serving


Ingredients: 100% Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Salt.

SHTF Hardtack

  • Authentic and traditional recipe Hardtack. 


    This is the same recipe used for 6,000+ years by sailors, soldiers, explorers and adventurers to keep them alive in tough, often miserable conditions. 


    Shelf stable and extraordinary shelf-life.


    It is not a cracker.  It is not a casual snack.


    Hardtack is old-school , genuine Survival Food.


    Lightweight.  Durable.  Highly caloric.  Versatile.


    Available in several flavors and with a calorie boost in our +P variations.


    Stack Parabellum Hardtack in your preps, vehicle, Go Bags.

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