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Quantity: 1 Kilo Brick (pounds 2.2+)


6,011 calories per Kilo

16 servings per Kilo

375 Calories per serving


Ingredients: Beef, Beef Tallow, Salt

SHTF Pemmican by the Kilo

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One-time purchase
$122.55every month until canceled
  • Shelf-Stable.  Ready to eat.  Indefinite shelf-life.

    Old-school SuperFood that has proven itself for over 600+ years with Cowboys, Indians, Mountain Men, Fur Trappers, Arctic Explorers, Mountain Climbers, Soldiers, Sailors, and Global Adventurers.  Several wars have been fought over this SuperFood.

    Admiral Perry and his teams relied on Pemmican and Hardtack in the Arctic to satisfy their need for up to 8,000 calories per day!

    Authentic and traditional recipe Pemmican made from USDA Approved Grass Fed Beef, USDA Approved Grass Fed Beef Tallow and Kosher Salt.


    Pemmican is shelf-stable for years - stories of this meat and fat superfood lasting 20 years and more can be found in the notes and journals of adventurers from the Hudson Bay Company and others.


    6,011 Calories per Kilo

    16 - 2 ounce servings per Kilo

    375 Calories per serving


    Kilo bricks of Pemmican are ideal for storing with long-term preps in cool, dry environments.  A Kilo brick fits in our FDA approved containers with a footprint of just 9" x 5.5" x 2" - making it a simple task to carry several bricks when operating away from home.


    We also offer 2 ounce Power Pucks individually wrapped for times when you just need to keep a power-packed snack at hand - hunting, hiking, fishing, etc.


    Lightweight.  Durable.  Highly caloric.  Versatile.


    Available in several flavors.


    Stack in your preps, vehicle, Go Bags.

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